Dr. Zavari Contributes to Development for A-dec 500 Dental Chairs

As a result of over two years of research and development, the A-dec 500 dental chairs are ready to be placed into dentist practices all over the world, enhancing both patient comfort and dentists’ ability to treat.

The research and development that led to this model’s industry-leading blend between utility and comfort included in-depth consultation from select dentistry professionals, including the well-respected Dr. Zavari.

A-dec 500 dental chair

How Dr. Zavari Got Involved

Out of a number of selected dentists, Dr. Zavari was selected as a result of her active role in the field of dentistry. Dr. Zavari was chosen, because she teaches at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), in addition to being an active member of the Oregon Academy of General Dentistry and a former member of the government’s public relations team.

Dr. Zavari’s Work with A-dec 500 Dental Chairs

Dr. Zavari Contributes to Development for A-dec 500 Dental Chairs in Beaverton, OregonDr. Zavari’s work with the development of the A-dec 500 began over two years before the release of the new model, taking into account her vast experience and knowledge of dentistry. During research and development, Dr. Zavari along with a couple of other colleagues were individually consulted in regards to the most ideal placement for all the components of the chair, such as patient’s comfort, assistant and Doctor comfort in delivering of treatment in an efficient and ergonomic setting. Advanced digital features were tested and evaluated by Dr. Zavari to provide insight on their future digitally driven world.

Dr. Zavari’s priorities throughout the development of A-dec 500 Dental Chairs remained focused on delivering an elevated experience for the patient while taking advantage of high-end technology that was responsive and intuitive for the medical professionals.

Once the chair was ready for true testing, Dr. Zavari was able to finally demonstrate it. This gave the A-dec development team strong insight from a seasoned expert into whether the new design as practical and ready for sale.


What Sets A-dec 500 Dental Chairs Apart?

a-dec-500 award for contributionThe A-dec 500 Dental Chair strikes the perfect balance between patient comfort and seamless operation. This model utilizes high-quality hydraulic motion to easily and quietly adjust patient position for better staff posture and unencumbered patient treatment. As an additional benefit, the A-dec 500 Dental Chair virtual pivot feature synchronized chair adjustment to patient movement, for even better patient care.

Other chair design features include:

  • Gliding headrest for easy in-the-moment adjustments
  • Streamlined backrest that allows easy access to the patient with space for legs under the chair and elbows at your side
  • Adjustable armrests for easier access to highly detailed treatments.
  • Rotation range of 30º on each side of center

Learn more about the A-dec 500 dental chair.

Dr. Zavari’s Mission

Through Dr. Zavari’s work on the A-dec 500 Dental Chair, she is able to continue her dedication to elevate the level of care that patients expect, which is in part achieved by helping to advance and adopt the newest technology in dentistry. Make your dental health a top priority and schedule an appointment at Elite Dental Care today!

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