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Dental Exams, X-Rays, and Cleanings

Regular dental exams with the use of digital X-rays allow Dr. Zavari to gain a complete understanding of your current oral health. From there, Dr. Zavari can design a customized treatment plan that addresses your individual oral health needs. Regular exams also allow Dr. Zavari to spot any signs of dental decay or disease early on while still easily treatable. Allowing oral health issues to go untreated significantly increases the risk of further damage occurring and the need for more expensive treatments to correct the damage.

Dental cleanings allow our team of gentle dental hygienists the opportunity to remove plaque deposits from the surface of your teeth and along the gum line. When allowed to harden, plaque transforms into tartar, a yellowish substance that discolors the surface of your teeth. Tartar causes inflammation of gum tissue, which contributes to gums that bleed or become swollen, tender, or reddish. Allowing tartar to remain on your teeth greatly increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.


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Finally, there’s a dentist you enjoy visiting. Dr. Bita Zavari specializes in cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, and sleep apnea treatment. She brings a level of care, newest technology, and continuing education unlike any dentist in Beaverton and SW Portland. Elite Dental Care is known for our spa-inspired experience, with welcoming staff, patient entertainment, and state-of-the-art technology. We are conveniently located near Cedar Hills.


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