Digital Dental Impressions in Beaverton

3D Digital Dental Impressions using True Definition Scanning

Taking dental impressions of the teeth and gums used to be messy and uncomfortable for the patient. However, at Elite Dental Care our new Intraoral 3D Digital Dental Scanner provides the latest technology for easy impressions. Our dental impressions are more accurate, allowing us to get a complete view of our patient’s oral health. With the wave of our lightweight wand, we get instant images that capture even the smallest details. The result is quicker appointments that are completely non-invasive in hand with better treatment results.

What Is a 3M Definition Scan for Digital Dental Impressions?

Many of our treatment plans require dental “impressions” which provide a model of your entire mouth. These 3D models give us the real-life details we need to determine many treatments, while also offering molds for our dental lab to use when preparing your restoratives and dental appliances. The 3M definition scan is the latest technology in 3D dental imaging. It replaces the need for messy, traditional impressions. Using 3M definition scans, we capture a computer-generated map of your teeth and gums to produce a full 3D image of your mouth including:

  • Teeth
  • Soft tissue such as your gums
  • Dental arches
  • Bite
  • Bridge

It is minimally invasive making it more comfortable for you, while providing us with a far more detailed view of your mouth. From there we can create stunning dental restorations, custom-fit whitening trays and dental appliances with every detail perfectly matched to your unique mouth and treatment needs.

What are Digital Dental Impressions Used For?

Our digital dental impressions are used for several procedures including:
  • Dental Crowns, bridges, and veneers
  • Dentures
  • Bite adjustment
  • Invisalign
  • Custom mouthguards
  • Custom take-home whitening trays
  • Custom abutments for dental implants
  • Models for diagnostic study
  • Model for a permanent dental record before and after dental treatment
  • Other oral appliances
The technology keeps you more comfortable at the initial stage of treatment while offering us state of the art 3D digital images. Because everything becomes more precise, your treatment plan is completed far more effectively. Restoratives look and feel better, and customized trays and appliances offer the perfect snug fit needed to be effective.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Digital Dental Impressions vs. Traditional Mold Impressions?

If you’ve ever had impressions done the traditional way, you know it is messy and uncomfortable. Although it doesn’t hurt, it requires you to bite into two trays containing a goopy substance and hold the trays in your mouth for a few minutes while it sets. It is an especially unpleasant experience for people with strong gag reflexes or who suffer from dental anxiety. As well, should you shift your jaw even slightly, it can ruin the impressions which makes them useless, and the process has to be repeated. Slight shifts during the process can also lead to issues with your final treatment or fit of appliances. The new technology allows us to get higher impression quality without the need for messy trays. We can see everything on-screen so we can ensure we capture the images and information we need. If we decide we need further images, we do it while you are still in the chair, avoiding the need for you to come back to the office. We can modify it as we go to get the exact results that in turn make the next step of your treatment easier. Because everything becomes more accurate, your restorations have precision fitting, saving time at your final appointment. The process provides the lab with exactly what they need to create your crowns, veneers, dentures, and dental appliances with faster turnaround times. If you suffer from dental anxiety or have a strong gag reflex, we ensure you are comfortable because we have complete control over where and how the wand is used. The 3D images are also eco-friendly, as they are stored on a secure site without the need for a final, physical model. Traditional impressions are thrown away and end up in the landfill.

How Does the Digital Scanning Procedure Work?

It’s so simple we’ve pretty much already covered how the process works:
  • The scanning wand is used to capture video of your teeth and gums
  • We review the images with you and make sure we get everything we need
  • The 3D image is used to review your treatment options
  • Once treatment is determined, we will send your images to the lab to create your appliance or restoratives
The best part about the procedure is it allows you to spend time with Dr. Zavari to look at your scans and ask any questions you might have. You might spot something of interest, but you’ll also get a better view that allows us to share our reasoning behind your recommended treatment.

How Long Do Digital Dental Impressions Take?

It depends on how many scans are needed, but in general, it takes no more than 2-3 minutes. Whether it is dental impressions for dentures, finding the best treatment plan, or taking impressions to send to our dental lab, Dr. Zavari and the team are here to help. If you would like to learn more about our 3M true definition scanning, or are ready to set up an appointment, speak to our team today.

Our team is here to make sure you enjoy going to the dentist. From check-in to check-out to follow up and aftercare, you comfort and care come first!